About Us


The Brystal Maze first came to life in 2008; albeit in a different incarnation than it is today!  Initially started as a birthday treasure hunt, that first year there were 30 players in teams of 5 people, no fancy dress, no challenges – just clues leading around pubs and bars in Bristol.

Due to popular demand, the treasure hunt pretty much became an annual event, each time growing in size and complexity.  Then in 2012 the name and concept of Brystal Maze was first coined (loosely based on the popular 90’s TV game show the Crystal Maze) and the event that you know and love today was born!

Over time a highly creative and imaginative production team has formed behind Brystal Maze, with a broad set of experience and skills; the resume of which includes event and festival production, costumiers, photographers, set design and a general knowledge of what makes a great party! This has enabled us to plan the best immersive fun day-out in Bristol.

Friendships and relationships are forged, as players work together in teams to complete the challenges and race against each other, in their ultimate bid to win the Brystal Maze.  The teams are carefully planned, ensuring there is an equal measure of friends and new people together, - inclusion is key so that no one feels left out and maximum fun is had by all!

Every Zone you enter in the Brystal Maze is managed by an experienced set of Wardens who will guide you through a carefully planned game in an attempt to win those coveted Brystals and gain points .  Inter-zone challenges to be completed as you roam the city also add to your important final score; and then there is of course the time your team takes to complete the course – never forget that this is a race!

Log your challenge achievements over the course of the day, and your scores will be collated at Brystal Maze Control – with the winners announced at the Brystal Maze after party! The party will be held in a secret location, where you can dance the night away to some of Bristol’s finest DJs and share your stories of the day with other teams!

On Maze Day the secret start location will be revealed on our Facebook page.  Make sure you’re on time as the Brystal Maze waits for no man!

The Brystal Maze has proudly become something unforgetable, offering a truly special experience. We hope you enjoy your day, whether you are a Brystal Maze vetran, or playing for your very first time.

Get ready for a day of frivolity, mega-high octane fun and a lot of silliness…oh and glitter, always glitter!