The Brystal Maze is a game full of teamwork, trickery and tomfoolery. Starting in a secret location, the race around the city’s pubs and parks, bars and back alleys will take you on a unique journey through Bristol. Knee-deep in nonsense and with a glittery twinkle in their eye, teams race against the clock to complete the Brystal Maze.

Each team of friends, old and new, has to crack the clues that will get them to the next zone and the next challenge – and win those coveted Brystals. On top of bagging those sparkling balls, the in-between-zone challenges rack up extra points for a winning spot in the top three of the leaderboard.

Pick a team, pick a theme and make that fancy dress fizz. Beware, the bar has been set high. 

Fix up, look sharp and tick tock. The Maze awaits.